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Flexible, face-to-face and remote interpreting services in North London

Interpreting is not just about the meaning of words. It’s about the intent of the message, the spoken nuances, and the cultural background informing the meaning. At BMP, we pay attention to details.

Our experienced and passionate interpreters have extensive, specialised knowledge of several industries, and will adapt and reframe your message into content that rings a bell for your target audience.

“I’m very grateful to BMP for helping me work through a large amount of information within a short time. I was very nervous and overwhelmed, but the team made it so simple and straightforward.” 

Ryan Myers, Lawyer

Our interpreting services in North London

Whether you require legal, medical, financial, or business interpreters, our team of qualified linguists and BSL interpreters are experienced in a wide range of services including simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, chuchotage or conference interpreting. You can trust that our interpreters adapt quickly to your requirements and understand that certain situations demand extra sensitivity.

Face-to-face interpreting

Whether it be in court, a hospital consultation, or simply a conversation that has to happen, our interpreters are sensitive to the needs of all parties involved. We provide interpreters who specialise in conference interpreting, court and police approved interpreters and BSL interpreters. Our interpreters are punctual, professional and, most importantly, qualified to the standards required by professional organisations.  

Remote interpreting

We believe telephone or video interpreting is a more sustainable alternative to face-to-face interpreting, as many interpreters spend a significant amount of time and resources commuting to their assignments. Often, the time spent commuting is longer and more costly than the actual assignment itself. In line with our commitment to support environmentally friendly alternatives, we encourage our clients to opt for remote interpreting, which leads to the same results, without impacting the environment. We therefore offer telephone and video interpreting as two excellent alternatives, which have been used by public institutions in the UK for many years. Both services are high quality and the rates are very competitive when compared to the costs of having an interpreter present on site. As an example, an hour of telephone interpreting with a qualified interpreter would incur less than half the costs of having a face-to-face interpreter.

Telephone interpreting

This involves our operator setting up a two or three-way conference call with an interpreter. The service is fast and reliable, user-friendly and cost effective. Telephone interpreting is currently used by many public institutions in the UK and abroad, such as the Home Office, NHS, Police, UK Border Agency, etc.

Should you require the partners in communication to feel reassured by the body language and facial expressions of their interlocutors, our operator can set up a video conference, which is a reliable service currently used by several Courts of Justice in the UK with excellent results.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide the right interpreters with the right experience for your task!
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